Answers to Ch. 18 Equilibrium
Section Review

1. The rates of forward and reverse chemical reactions are equal, and the concentrations of the products and reactants remain unchanged.
2. The ratio of the mathematical product of concentrations of substances formed at equilibrium to the mathematical product of the reactant concentrations, each raised to a power equal to the corresponding coefficient in the balanced chemical equation.
3. The larger the value of K is, the larger the relative amount of products.
4. The expression of product and reactant concentrations that equal an equilibrium constant, K
5. very large, because virtually all of the reactants have formed products
6. K = [Cl2]2[H2O]2
7. 190
8. 54.7
9. 3.53 x 10–3 mol/L

24. a. 0.67
b. 0.52
c. 310

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