You will be writing a paper/lab report after the lab using some of the information acquired from these sites. Do not worry until after the personal project. How ever I will collect these answers on paper making day in order for you to participate in paper-making with NCSU professors or you will go to the media center during lab class. You are still responsible for a final lab report. You can use other sites to answer some of the questions if you prefer. Color where appropriate for full credit

Paper website Questions:Sensible Recycling, or Stupendous Waste

1. How much did Greg Breining’s magazine spend for recycled paper?
2. How much would it cost to clear-cut aspen woods to produce an equivalent amount of paper? How many acres is this?
3. How many tons of corrugated material is recycled in the US each year? How many tons of newsprint is recycled in the US each year?
4. Why is tissue paper ideally suited to be made from recycled fibers?
5. Why does Breining think that a $22,000 surcharge for using recycled paper to print his magazine to be unfair?

From Timber to Paper including Making Pulp from Wood (Select papermaking from the menu bar, then making paper from pulp. Describe, in order, the steps involved in making paper from timber. Draw figures labelled no sentences please)

1. List examples of softwoods that are used in the paper industry: ______________
2. List examples of hardwoods that are used in the paper industry.______________
3. Why are softwoods preferred over hardwoods to make paper?_____________
4. What is the forest industry doing to ensure economic and environmental viability of forests?_____
5. Describe briefly each of the following processes that are used to reduce wood into fibers, Include List advantages and disadvantages of using each process.

another optional website:
Bleaching Agents
Note new site:
1. Compare methods for bleaching in early time to methods used today.
2. Illustrate, in color, the decolorization of substances via oxidation.
3. Define oxidizing agent.
4. Where does the hypochlorite ion get electrons from to be reduced to the chloride ion?
5. Explain the way optical brightners work

Turn in Chemistry Concepts and Connections