Unit 6A

Ch. 17: Reaction Energy and Reaction Kinetics

1. Read and Outline Ch. 17 p. 511- 519 skip Hess's law, P. 526-530. Do practice problems and problems on p. 547 # 18 a. and c, 19 b. and 24 a and b., 26 a and b, 27 a,b,c click here for answers.

Labs and activities
1. Rate of reaction factors: temperature, size and concentration p. 545
2. Clock reaction: rate of reaction p.869

http://www.schoolchem.com/xrc2.htm rate of reaction nice notes to teach

and selftutor: http://www.schoolchem.com/

Unit 6 B

Ch. 18 Chemical Equilibrium

1. Read p. 553-559 WS on Equilibrium expression and constant.
Section Review p. 559 #1-9 and p. 587 #24.

2. Le Chatelier's Principle p. 562-566. WS on Stress.
3. Le Chatelier's Principle p. 562-566, then p. 569-570, skip buffers, p. 571 on Ionization constant of water, skip Hydrolysis of salts, p. 577-579, read over table 18-3 on Ksp constants.
4. reread ch. 12 pp. 372-386. Repeat practice problems and read and understand table 12-3. Section Review p. 559 #1-9 and p. 587 #24


Labs and activities
1. Le Chatelier’s Lab
2. Net Ionic reactions
3. Acid base equilibrium activity
4. Solubility equilibrium


excellent spot for kids to learn about the application of
>Le Chatelier's Principle:
http://ull.chemistry.uakron.edu/genobc/Chapter_08/ you will need to select the topics i.e. equilibrium

nice virtual lab activity: http://capital.net/com/vcl/equil/equil.htm

Unit 6 C

Electrochemistry Ch. 19
HW #1 Ch. 19

Outline P. 591-595, Copy Table 19-1
Do Section Review p. 595, click here for answers.
Skip Bal Redox Section 19-2
Read Outline Section 19-3 Reducing and Oxidation Agents
Electrochemistry HW #1 Problems/Concepts p. 618: 1,2,3, 12, 13,15, click here for answers.

Electrochemistry HW #2 p. 618 #'s 2, 5a.b.c., 6a.b.c., 12a.b.c.d.,15a.b.c.d.e., 19, 20, 27, click here for answers.

Website: http://www.chem.iastate.edu/group/Greenbowe/sections/projectfolder/animationsin

HW #3 Labs:

1. Electrochemical Cells or Electrochemical cell Lab report.

2. Ti Anodizing

3. Ni Electroplating

4. Jewelry anodizing lab report. Click here for rubric.

5. Jewelry electroplating lab report. Click here for rubric.

Websites for Electrochemistry:

http://library.kcc.hawaii.edu/external/chemistry/redox_title.html for practice redox quizzes

Unit 6 Final Review

Work on Review worksheet

Jan Weir Chemistry class on line for use as review:


Additional Topics:

organic Chemistry from Peyton: http://www.ncl.ox.ac.uk/quicktime/hydrogenation.html or start here: http://www.ncl.ox.ac.uk/quicktime/chemistry.html